Scaffolding Services

At AGK Scaffolding we offers a fully on-site workforce, materials and transport to install and remove your scaffolding requirements, however large or small.

With an experienced and efficient team of Scaffolders, you will be impressed with their speed and proficiency while always working to high standards of safety and compliance. Each team is managed by an experienced on-site supervisor who directs the entire process of unloading-installation, ensuring that your scaffolding is erected safely and according to the method statement that has previously been devised. When the time comes to remove the scaffolding, either in stages or completely, our team will ensure that nothing is left behind and all housekeeping has been completed as per tick box sheet of completion.
We cover all types of scaffolding services, from small extensions, basic scaffold to Advanced cantilevered complex scaffolding with the max load weight design calculations.
No job is too small or big for us, as scaffolding contractors we are happy to serve your scaffolding requirements for any commercial or residential purposes. Larger jobs such as multi-residential developments or block of flats.



AGK Scaffolding is committed to adhering to the highest levels of Health & Safety compliance in everything that we do and those around us when we are doing things. Our workforce is comprehensively trained to work safely within their team and within their environment regardles of a job in far reach area or a busy London street, our scaffolding service is allways erected with those around us in mind, therfore we allways train our scaffolders to behave responsibly as an employee of our organization that cares about the comunity it touches.


Scaffolding Hire

We’re a scaffolding company in London providing expert scaffolding hire services to residential and commercial sectors at affordable prices. We have built up a strong reputation for providing a very high standard of work and offering excellent customer service. We are extremely proud that much of our work is through repeat business and client recommendations.
For many years we have worked with a number of leading restoration companies, delivering projects both on time and on budget. If required we can also provide a specially designed scaffold to cater to odd-shaped buildings. Just call our dedicated team of professionals for further details.
Everyone can use our scaffold services no matter how big or small the job. We’re a passionate bunch here at AGK, priding ourselves on going that extra mile for our customers and for providing the very highest levels of customer care.
Our services always comply with the very latest health & safety regulations and we monitor the on-site erections on a weekly and monthly basis to maintain an excellent rapport with customers and to make sure a safe working environment for our professional scaffolders.

If you are looking for scaffolding hire in London AGK Scaffolding is the best choice for you. If you have found a company that you're going to rent the scaffold from, then you will have to check that they are going to install and remove it. We can organize the rental of scaffolding, installing it, and taking it down. This makes the whole process simple and straightforward.

Whether it is a small or big job, this is something that our specialist team will talk to you about. For details on this service, all you need to do is enquire! Once we have received your inquiry we'll be able to respond to you about the best option for you.

Hiring Scaffold Towers

When you are hiring scaffold towers you must make sure that you use an appropriate company to be certain that you're going to get what you have asked for with no hidden costs.

Local Scaffold Tower Hire

If you want to find a local scaffold tower hire company near you, then look no further! Our company provides scaffolding hire throughout London and we have carried out lots of installations all over the country. Having completed many installations and removals has given us lots of experience and gained our expert knowledge.

Local Access Platforms

Access platforms are needed to provide temporary access for employees or individuals who need to get into a facility that could be being built or repaired. The most common reason that they are automated and required is that they are normally used for buildings of a certain height. It can also be known as an aerial device or mobile elevating work platform.

Scaffolding Hire Near Me

We are a scaffolding hire company that specializes in the installation and removal of this equipment, which is commonly referred to as erecting. The scaffold can be high equipment and can be a hazard if it is not installed or fitted correctly. It is crucial to ensure that it's taken down properly for safety reasons.

Scaffold Hire Costs

Scaffolding Hire does not have a fixed price as it will change on a variety of things. When quoting for a project, we'll need to see where the location of the project is, how much equipment is needed, and the project timescale. After taking these steps we will be able to give you a price.

More information

For more information on the scaffolding hire please make sure you contact our team today on 07309440427! We will be able to provide you with more details on hiring scaffold towers and our other services which you might require and we will contact you quickly! If you are looking for scaffolding hire in London AGK will provide you professional scaffolding service with the best price.

Commercial Scaffolding

Here at AGK Scaffolding, we are proud to supply and erect scaffolding in London. Having offered our commercial scaffolding services in London for over 13 years now, we’re here to cater to your every need. We have years of experience in offering commercial scaffolding in London, which has allowed us to work on projects of any size. Simply give our team a call today to find out more about our commercial scaffolding services in London. We’ll work closely with you and your needs to provide the best possible service.

As one of the leading scaffolding companies in London, AGK Scaffolding is here to offer a comprehensive range of systems and platforms for our clients. All erections are carried out by a fully trained, highly skilled member of our team. No job is ever too small or too large for our scaffolders, so call on our team for the best scaffolding service. We’re confident to say that we will have all your requirements covered, so let us take care of your commercial scaffolding in London. We offer commercial scaffolding hire and erection, as a result, we work with a wide range of commercial maintenance purposes, including:

  • High Rise Towers
  • Shopping Centres
  • Awkward Access
  • Hospitals & Car Parks

Residential Scaffolding

Our team of residential scaffolders in London is on hand to work to your every need, and by doing so this reflects on our reputation. Having offered our residential scaffolding services in London for more than 12 years now, we have developed a skill set, knowledge base, and experience like no other. No matter your needs for residential scaffolding in London be sure to come to AGK Scaffolding for the best possible service.
Residential scaffolding is an essential addition to all work-at-height projects in London and surrounding areas. Scaffolding provides property owners and tradesmen with safe access for crucial renovation, refurbishment, restoration, and repair work. Upon choosing scaffolding contractors like ours at AGK Scaffolding, we will provide a safe cost-effective, and sensible solution to the access and structure of your building or project.





Temporary Roof

A large part of the AGK scaffolding business involves the erection of a temporary roof scaffolding as either an addition to an existing scaffold structure or as a stand-alone scaffold structure. The design and erection of temporary roofs have changed drastically over the years, with developments in the system scaffolding markets; components such as wider spans are now achievable. AGK Scaffolding Ltd specializes in Temporary Roofs scaffolds also known as Tin Hats or Canopy’s, they are sometimes referred to as the loft conversion scaffold, they offer more than just weatherproofing. Temporary roofing erection requires a lot of planning to ensure that they remain not just watertight, but also structurally sound against high winds. A temporary roofing scaffold is also sometimes used to control weather conditions such as reducing frost. We use the latest suitable scaffolding systems and assembly technique to supply the safest Temporary Roof structures best sweetened for the job while maintaining some of the best prices.No matter the size of the project we can provide you with the best temporary roof scaffolding in London.

The Use Of Temporary Roof

Temporary roofs are used on various applications from loft conversions to new roofs, projects such as church and cathedral repairs and listed building renovations and many other types of refurbishment will require weatherproofing and a Temporary Roof scaffolding is a solution.

Sometimes you require the buildings to remain fully operational during building works and with the weather in the UK been erratic at best. The use of temporary roofs is becoming increasingly more prevalent as it allows you to open your old roof and do all the work while the building remains protected under the Temporary Roof scaffold.
AGK Scaffolding offers stable, well built, and convenient Temporary Roof scaffolding service that is essential on many construction sites to enable workers to get materials to and from their place of work at height and provide weather protection.

We provide temporary roof scaffolding for both residential and commercial scaffolding.
To find out more about our temporary roof services or if you require a general roof scaffolding get in touch with our team today on 07309440427

High Rise Scaffolding

At AGK Scaffolding, we mean business. We’re serious about keeping your high rise site and personnel safe and secure from the beginning of the project to the end.


The higher your building grows, the more important safety issues become. We are aware of our responsibilities in keeping your building and people safe, as well as our own employees. We only work with top quality scaffolding equipment that can be relied upon to go the distance at any height. Our managers, site supervisors, and installation team all take safety incredibly seriously. After all, the whole point of scaffolding is to provide a safe and hazard-free platform upon which trades can move about and transport equipment and materials. We don’t take chances with anything.


At every stage of construction, we will be there to install your high rise scaffolding. Our initial proposal will set out our anticipated stages and we will of course work to your schedule, ensuring there are no unforeseen delays in delivery and installation.


High rise doesn’t necessarily mean gigantic such as a multi-story building with an enormous footprint. When you need to work at height, our scaffolding solutions can be scaled to suit. Your task could be to renovate a clock tower or bell tower, refinish a tall statue or paint an airport control tower. Or you may require scaffolding for a multi-story section of a one-story shopping center. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

Choose AGK Scaffolding for your upcoming high rise hotel, office building, shopping center, university building, or hospital construction, or to provide a high rise scaffolding for any smaller project in which height is a factor.